Voice & Winds

I love singing and playing wind instruments, especially recorders and low brass. I studied with many great teachers and trained in the Estill method of voice coaching and learned a ton from Tom Burke.

For many years I performed Early Music and Klezmer & Eastern European music. In the last few years I have been too busy with climate change and improvising, although I recently picked up the recorder again and I’m currently studying with the wonderful Markus Friemel.

While in the US, I played with Happy Boz’LL, Heliotrope Consort, Ensemble al Verso and many other fabulous people (I miss playing with).

I miss Franka

Liliths Traum was a trio that played klezmer music with Franka Lampe, accordion and Dunja Batarilo, voice and Anja Kollmuss, voice and winds. Franka Lampe died much too early in January of 2016. I miss her. Read more about our last unfinished project: the Titanic.