Climate change is the most pressing issue humanity is facing. It exacerbates existing crises and inequities and threatens life in all its facets.

I’m dedicated to work towards limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. This requires very rapid and fundamental changes in politics, the economy and society as a whole. A complex problem needs complex solutions. Ambitious climate politics therefore need to be based on pragmatic and agnostic analysis of policy instruments.

I’ve been analyzing and advocating for effective climate change policies for over 20 years, writing studies and advising NGOs and governments on international, European and national climate policy, with a focus on carbon markets. First at Tufts University, then at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and for many years  as an independent expert and SEI affiliated reseacher. My CVMy publications

On we regularily publish a Newsletter on the latest political and scientific developments on climate change (in German and French).

Climate Blog

I sporadically write blog articles, for example my blog on Understanding carbon offsetting

Climate Podcast

I co-hosted  a podcast on population and climate change. According to a 2017 paper ‘Having one less child’ is the single most effective climate action you can take. Together with Dr. Elisabeth Ignasiak I untangle this deeply emotional and highly controversial topic. We look at the history of population control, the research on population and climate change, economic implications and women’s rights. And we have a frank discussion on the question: Should I have fewer children to fight climate change?’  

Climate Sweater

My climate sweater shows average global temperatures since 1850 based on the global warming stripes by  Ed Hawkins, see more…

Teaching Children

2018 I went back to school to become a grade school teacher. I now teach 4-6th graders part-time and dedicate the rest of my time to fighting the climate crisis.